Here’s you’ll discover amazing transformational stories from people I've had the privilege to guide through Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT).

You’ll also gain valuable insights into the profound change that RTT can help bring. Whether it's overcoming phobias and anxiety, enhancing self-image, altering money mindsets, or navigating grief, you'll witness the power of RTT in action.

Reading these stories will give you a glimpse of the types of impactful transformations that you too could achieve with the help of RTT.
I was feeling raw and vulnerable when I approached Philippa for an RTT session to address feelings of grief.

My first impression was that she was a kind, caring and genuine person and I instantly felt she was trustworthy, but she was so much more than that.

I was struggling with feelings that were stopping me from moving forward in my life and even through a zoom session I could feel her caring and loving energy holding me emotionally, enabling me to feel safe and secure as she gently encouraged me to explore my pain.

I cried and I cried, I did cry in the session and it felt good because it felt as though I was truly letting go of the emotions and thoughts that were holding me back.

I was absolutely blown away by her phenomenal skills as a therapist and as a truly genuine person.

I would highly recommend her, so if you are thinking about RTT with Philippa, just do it, you won’t be sorry.
M. (Hertfordshire)
I was struggling to lose weight and motivate myself to exercise and I knew I was sabotaging my own progress, but I had no idea why.

I was fortunate enough to find Philippa.

What a transformation in just one session!

Philippa was amazing, she was so kind and intuitive and professional.

In the session she helped me find the belief that I had made as a child that was holding me back.

During the session, this belief was changed to a new positive one that will help move me forward.

The recording Philippa gave me was incredible, every time I listen to it, I feel so relaxed and after I feel so motivated and energised and it also has had a subconscious impact on my other half as he hears it when I listen to it.

He too is now wanting to exercise more.

I cannot thank Philippa enough.
Wendy M. (Ipswich)
I have been struggling with panic attacks and anxiety whilst driving or being a passenger in a car.

When I started with Philippa I was unable to ‘pop up the road’ and now I am managing to get around – and even managed a dual carriageway.

I am so happy with my progress with Philippa.

It really works if you stick to it.

Philippa is very passionate about her work and her belief in you really helps you believe in yourself.

If you are struggling with something I highly recommend you try this therapy with Philippa, no matter how big or small your problem!
C. Burns (Sheffield)
From as young as I can remember, I have had a horrible tinfoil phobia.

When I heard that Philippa could help me overcome it, I completely put my trust in her, and I am so happy that I did.

She was professional and understanding, and she worked wonders by helping me understand very quickly that I had control issues.

I listened to her recording every day and since the session I have no problems with tinfoil.

I am literally cured of my lifelong phobia…

Thank you so, so much.
G. Evans (Hereford)
I realised that my mindset was completely skewed around money and it was blocking my progress, as well as stressing me out! I was lucky enough to find Philippa who did an RTT session with me and I can honestly say it seems to have worked.

What would have kept me awake stressing out (especially right now with lockdown and all that brings with it) doesn’t seem to be affecting me as it would have done a few weeks ago.

In fact, I am still noticing other positive effects from the session we did as I catch myself ‘thinking better’ around income and my own potential.

In truth I was a bit sceptical before the session but Philippa is a natural and puts you at ease.

She is clearly very skilled, and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Big thank you Philippa. x
L. Colby (Rotherham)
Philippa is an extremely highly-skilled Rapid Transformational Therapist.

Her knowledge and expertise are second to none.

She created a very warm and nurturing environment, which made me feel so relaxed and able to let go.

Together, we worked on a physical condition of mine that I can confidently say I feel much freer and lighter about.

I would highly recommend booking in a session with Philippa – enjoy!
G. McGeehan (Buckinghamshire)
I came to Philippa for a session on eyesight.

Over the years, my eye number has been deteriorating and gone up faster in the past two years.

My session with Philippa was super-amazing, and she made me feel completely relaxed.

I was quite surprised that my mind was shutting my eyes to my own self, where I recalled images or scenes where I did not like myself the way I looked.

It was quite empowering for me to gain that understanding.

By the end of the session, I immediately felt as if I could see things with more clarity in my vision!

Since my session, my self-confidence about my looks has boosted quite a bit.

I felt comfortable being visible on social media, also.

I have been listening to the recording and it allowed me to be more myself since, and feeling a steady improvement in my eyesight!

I will highly recommend Philippa for her therapeutic services.

Her voice and approach instantly put me at ease, and I felt absolutely supported and being in safe hands throughout the process.
A. Hassan
Philippa, I feel so much better after our session last month!

I have to report my balance has improved greatly; I rode a bike first time all by myself!

The recording you sent is really helping all those changes after the session to sink in, and I even feel much better on long car journeys – what a great side effect!

Thanks to your knowledge and connection of my issue with relating to my Vestibular system.

I also am still amazed how you managed so seamlessly work with me on everything that came up along the session.

Thank you so much!

Your ability to tune in and reach the part others couldn’t, led to a breakthrough in understanding the root cause of my lifelong optic nerve condition.

I would not normally open up so much but I felt so supported and completely safe with you going through the session, my past life experience, and with your professional guidance healing all that guilt I carried over, that I wasn’t even consciously aware of!

I still remember that moment of the session – feeling liberated and set free.

Dealing with health issues and the past in such a holistic way really changes life – a must for everyone!

Looking forward to booking more sessions with you.
E. Laban

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